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Anchor Cuff

I'm reminded of this every time I look into the eyes of our senior adoptable dogs.

Rossana and Jett. Vancouver, BC, Canada I am a government employee I am a “pit bull" dog owner I am the majority

i literally just bawled my eyes out. dogs have so much emotion that it brings me to tears.

  • Natalie Hudson

    So Cute, tears, worth the read :)

  • Lori Endres

    The love you are able to have for your pets is unconditional. Literally cried while reading this. Thanks to all those who selflessly serve our country and have to leave loved ones behind!

  • LadieOrchid

    Saddest and happiest "tail" ever

  • Brenda Stembridge

    If I had to give up Aspen, I don't think I could have quit crying for years. Tank isn't even mine but I have been crying about a hour now. My eyes are swelled, and no one wants to know about my heart breaking and how full my nose has been. Just love tank forever!

Beth and Marvin, Atascadero, CA I am a special ed student  I am a “pit bull” dog owner I am the majority

We're running a holiday photo challenge! Get in on the fun (details in the blog)!

David and Red, Los Angeles, CA on Flickr.I am an entrepreneur I am a “pit bull” dog owner I am the majority

Mimi, Baby Girl, and Colonel, Cape Coral, FL I am an Adopter, Volunteer, Senior Citizen I am the Majority

Officer Dunn, Gizmo, Bagheera, Maddie, and Mocha, Palm Beach, FL I am a police officer I am a “pit bull” dog owner I am the Majority!

Katy and Bridget, Maine I am a nurse I am a “pit bull” dog owner I am the majority