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Moth & Butterfly Tattoos

Ian White did this in 2011 (back then at Black 13 Tattoo in Nashville - he currently has his own studio in Nashville).

I got this robot moth done a few weeks ago by Capilli Tupou at Sacred Tattoo in Auckland, New Zealand. I just uprooted my entire life, spur of the moment and decided to move four hours away from my home in a small town to the big city with my boyfriend. I was so proud of the way I managed to pull everything together and make things happen that I wanted to get a tattoo to celebrate the occasion. I wanted the moth because it represents flying towards the big city lights, and I’ve always want

sethwoodtattoo: Billy’s belly full of translucent moth-mandala-flower weirdness made a couple weeks back at Saved. Her British mettle shown brightly, both in her patience waiting to get tattooed and in her stone-like performance on the table.  I say… good show, ole chap! Here’s a closer look:

Emperor Moth. found in Britain flying commonly in the countryside and in fields. Will be part of my new tattoo

Skull tattoo with death head moth by Mathew Clarke of Meredith, NH

Butterfly Moth Eye Leaf tattoo by Melissa Fusco of Club Tattoo Arizona

Crazy moth tattoo. Jenn Small from Blood Sweat and Tears Tattoo. Charlotte NC

A colourful Emperor moth tattoo by Rachel McCarthy.

Love the shrinking size as they ascend the arm...#moth #tattoo

Another awesome moth tattoo by Jenn Small.

Silence of the Lambs tattoo - death head moth

tattoo by bjorn liebner ink, moth, skull, colour, color

butterfly tattoo by Pete Belson

i LOVE her moth tattoo