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bug repelling tiki torches--wine bottles, tiki fuel, a 3/8" washer and a refill tiki wick. brilliant!

How To Make A Wine Bottle Tiki Torch for Under $4.00

How To Make Tinted Jars.

DIY Glass Crafts - Tinted Jars - DIY & Crafts For Moms

You don't need a pattern, just measure how long/wide your rectangle needs to be and then cut the corners out where the arm loops are supposed to be. Hem your fabric all around except for the corners you have cut out, and do those like you would do a drawstring on a bag, leaving the opening for whatever you will use for straps. You can make your straps by stitching long strips of fabric together wrong side out and then using a crochet hook to flip them around or use some ribbon for the straps.

Maxi skirt "formula": you plug in your measurements, or your daughters or friends or grandmother or anyone's and this formula will give you the measurements for a maxi skirt made to fit just right

How to Make a Maxi Skirt

Homemade Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream via (Give in a weck jar, along with a facial brush and some nice razors.) Great for Father's Day!

How to remove labels from wine bottles from Healthy, Wealthy & DIYs. 1/2c. baking powder, 1 T dish soap, 2 c. white vinegar, hot water. @shana White

Cut the bottoms off wine bottles to use for candle covers, keeps the wind from blowing them out when outside

Russian. of black chain stitches on BACK side...can be used rightside up or rightside down. Make 50 billion crochet motifs then join with black single chains. Realllly interesting.

DIY Chalkboard Bottle – Affordable décor idea

I cannot wait to make these! Reusable sandwhich bags made from recycled plastic bags & fabric scraps!

To replace the sectioned basket they're currently in!

wine bottle crafts with lights | Lighted Wine Bottle by winenotanother on Etsy

Rustic Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing Wall Hanging by AceAvenue

Easy to follow tutorial on how to tint your mason jars. Custom colors for every project!

wished i would have known about this before i bought all those tin buckets.... Take plastic bins from the dollar store and upgrade them using metallic spray paint to give them a "tin" finish!

Repurpose Folgers plastic coffee cans for new decorative kitchen storage with a bit of paint!