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For the Short People

I think I would cry if a student gave me this. Green is for the inspiration you give me each day. Blue is for your patience in showing me the way. Orange is for your warmth and caring style. Yellow is for the way you always make me smile. Red is for my life that you have touched this year. You place knowledge in my hands, that melt into my heart and live forever! You're a "Magnificent" & "Marvelous" Teacher! Thank you for being my M!

Seriously, these corny jokes are my type of humor, besides sarcasm and self-deprecating humor.

make your own bouncy balls , plus 14 other Favorite Science Experiments for Kids

Truffula Trees! We read the story Wed. Then planted the seeds and the kids watered them yesterday and the trees sprouted!

Chore chart not cutting it? Sick of the kid's never helping around the house? Try this: Get a pack of ping pong balls. Write different chores on each ball. Each family member chooses a ball, completes the task, then chooses another one. After 30 minutes, whoever has the most balls gets a prize - like a no-chores day, or gets to pick a movie.