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M 51 aka The Whirlpool Galaxy, via Flickr. via Santiago Ortiz

A teaspoon of neutron...

What if the other planets were as close as the moon

infographic on the planets and moons of the Solar System

Photo: Apichart Sripeng #space #stars

amazing picture of earth as seen from space

One more sunrise. Taken November 9, 2013, my last full day on ISS. KN from space.

The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51A or NGC 5194) and (M51B or NGC 5195, left). The Whirlpool Galaxy is a grand-design spiral galaxy, interacting with NGC 5195, a dwarg galxy. Both galaxies are located 23 ± 4 million light-years away in Canes Venatici.

Region surrounding reflection nebula Messier 78