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How to Preserve Pumpkin Seeds

How to Preserve Fresh Pumpkin Seeds to Plant Next Year | eHow

How to collect and store seeds year after year

Saving Seeds - Martha Stewart Home & Garden

Gouldian Finches. i have Finch feeders but none of mine are this colorful.

Thistle feeder for finches. This is the way they look here in E TX in March/April right before they migrate north for the summer.

American Gold finch- these guys stay year round in Indiana. Don't mistake them for a sparrow because there yellow feathers fade. They are a joy to watch in the winter as they are pretty tame. I make sure I have plenty of thistle for them in stock. :-)

Delight your finches with these decorative reusable thistle feeder socks, now less than $5 for all three at Collections, etc.

3 Floral Birdseed Feeder Bags from Collections Etc.

A great feeder for your Finch. Available in our wild bird section.

How to Dry Blueberries in the Oven (eHow) Boil/ice blueberries, oven at 145. Can take 4-12 hours, depending on blueberry size

How to Dry Blueberries in the Oven | eHow

Fantastic how-to article for Preserving Herbs including: defining slow vs fast drying types of herbs, freezing herbs, drying herbs, making pestos and vinegars, collecting herb seeds and more. Insightful for me.

How To Save Your Tomato Seeds To Grow Your Own Plants | #gardening

seed saving

Organizing Seeds | Chiot's Run

How to harvest and save seeds to plant next season.

How To Store Seeds For Next Year’s Season :

How to save heirloom tomato seeds


vegetable garden---The tubs are “galvanized stock tanks”

This is your #2 Top Pin in the Vegan Community Board in February: Food That Magically Grows Itself From Kitchen Scraps - 265 re-pins! (You voted with yor re-pins). Congratulations @Amy Farmer Market Vegan !

Funny Picture Dump Of The Day – 30 Pics

There is still a month left of summer, and in some states August is the best month for good sunny weather or too hot to not have some sort of sprinkler or pool for the kids to play in. My friends made one of these fun sprinklers for their kids and they said it works [...]

Outdoor for Kids diy | DIY Outdoor Reading Nook For Kids | Kidsomania....instead of a tree house perhaps?

The Deluxe Kid Wash Comments | Outdoor Crafts for Kids - Outdoor Craft Projects | FamilyFun

Keep the fern in the same pots they come in, every other day submerge them in a 5 gallon bucket filled with 12 cup of epson salts & 3 gallons of regular water until the soil stops bubbling, then hang up to drip dry... ferns will be dark green, glossy, and 3x3 by September from ferns that start out with 7 fronds in May.