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Medieval, Renaissance, and Fantasy

High Middle Age Men's Garment with celtic patterns in gold and silk embroidery c. 1350

La Pompadour Mittelalter

The House of Tudor ruled England for 118 years. The tyrranical and bloodstained Henry VIII (1509-47), is famous for having six wives, executing two of them and bringing about the Reformation in England.

:: Commission August 08 Outfit :: by VioletKy

:: Commission August 08 Outfit :: by VioletKy on deviantART

Costume from Dangerous Beauty. The courtesans' costumes were designed to showcase Veronica and her cohorts' differences from "proper" female characters in the film. Venetian fashion at the time made no distinction to indicate a lady's social status, meaning that most of the courtesans were probably more well-dressed and discreet than their married counterparts.