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Education - Theme - Christmas Craft for NZ kids

Rudolph- and it even looks good in b without using the *gasp* color printer! @Karyn Owens, @Amy Campagna @Jackie Fisher @Jamie Butler

With Great Expectations: Rudolph!

A mock-up for our classroom Christmas photo this year! @Jaime Brodeur

Christmas Fudge Cutouts - Easy step-by-step instructions for kids to make! A Menu

EASY PEPPERMINT CREAMS By Littlegem2301 On 17 November 2013 In Making And Baking If you are looking for something easy to make with the kids...

Oreo Christmas cake truffles! Ingredients: (This recipe makes around 24 usually). Approx 2-3 packs of Oreo biscuits; 1 tub of soft cream cheese, e.g. Philadelphia 3 bars of good chocolate, can be any type. Icing sugar Decorations: sparkling sugar dusting and edible icing decor (all available at ASDA). Method: Exempting very sticky and messy hands at the end, these truffles are pretty easy and quick to make. 1. First off, crush your packs of Oreos in a large bowl, a rolling pin usually works well for this job. 2. Then add your cream cheese (preferable low fat) and mix. 3. Once completely mixed, make sure the mixture is a soft consistency with no visible white residue. Don't worry if the mixture is sticky, it should be. 4. At this point I would start melting the chocolate. You can do this whilst mixing the Oreos and cheese but I prefer to keep an eye on the chocolate whilst it melts so that it does not burn, (and of course it needs to be tested properly too!) 5. Break up the chocolate into a glass bowl and melt over a pan over boiling water on a low heat. You can use any type of chocolate. I tend to coat half of the truffles in white and the rest in milk. 6. Let the melted chocolate cool for a couple of seconds whilst you use either a spoon or an ice cream scoop to start to shape the Oreo mixture into round balls. Try not to make them too big, maybe about half a nice cream scoop size. 7. The mixture is extremely sticky so when you have moulded the mixture into a shape roll the truffle into some icing sugar, you can also buy chocolate icing sugar to do this. Once you've done this, using a spoon lower the truffle into the melted chocolate and roll it in the chocolate so that it is coated completely. 8. Set the coated truffle onto a tray lined with baking paper. Don't worry if the melted chocolate spreads out around the truffle, that's normal. 9. Repeat the process with all the other truffles. 10. Once you coated all the truffles, you need to place them somewhere cool. To cool and harden them quickly, you can place them in the freezer for around 15-20 minutes and this should do the job. Otherwise leave them overnight in the fridge. 11. Once hardened, you can decorate! I used sugar Christmas decorations from Asda which I stuck onto the top of the truffles by melting just a little bit more chocolate. Then I covered the truffles with sugar dusting from Asda to give a snowy finish to them. And voila! Finished!

Stained Glass Cookie Ornaments-easy to make with lg & small cookie cutters to cut out centers & insert a crushed Jolly Rancher candy to bake..remove, poke a hole, cool completely and add a hook to hang up on a tree (eat within 2-3 days)...Fun!

Edible Candy Cane Christmas Art - so easy kids can help. They are works of art!

Such a cute idea! They get it in a fun Christmas shape, yummy fudge, & a cookie cutter to keep! :)

Chocolate dipped fondant creams. An easy & frugal Christmas gift.

PaperVine: Easy Edible Christmas Treats

White Christmas fudge, plus 12 edible Christmas gifts

We all know Christmas is a time for festive foods and yummy treats. When the lovely Cerys from @Lorraine Biundo Day Mum offered to share a Christmas bakes post with us, we couldn’t possibly say no.

Your Ultimate Guide To Christmas Cooking With Kids � 50 Festive Food Ideas And Recipes For Children