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Barbie house from old dresser - love how the bottom drawer holds all the Barbies when done!

Dresser Barbie Doll House

Love this! I will never look at dirty dishes the same... I am going to make this sign to hang behind the sink!!!

Lessons for kids from "The Family: A Proclamation to the World." These are great ideas to teach some really BIG concepts in a way kids will get!

Water balloon slip and slide. A million times yes!

Baby Girl ♥

Movie Night Necklace--kids make it before the movie and snack during the show. Love this!!!!

Growing bean plants in CD cases so all the parts can be seen - great idea to use with kids!

I KNOW Lunchables is a huge waste of money, so make your own, if they HAVE to have them!

Cutest Easter Tradition 1. Buy some "magic" Jelly Beans 2. Plant them in your yard- this only works the night before Easter (wink wink) 3. The next morning go out and see what grew (large Lollipops!) so doing this

Handprint nativity. Poem on the back: " I used my hand to make a manger, a place for Jesus to lay. I'll use my heart so full of love, as a place for Jesus to stay."

On a rainy day, blow up an air mattress and let your kids jump on it, angle it off the couch and turn it into a slide, at the end of the day shut the lights out and turn a movie on and let them fall asleep on it!