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▶ Idol Finale - The Idol Judges and Randy Jackson "True Colors" and "Go Your Own Way" - AMERICAN IDOL - YouTube


Took a break from the studio today to show some friends around Nashville!!! LOVE this town!!!! -KU

Keith Urban - keith-urban Photo

Keith Urban's love for country music and Nashville, his hometown, was felt during his Walk of Fame Induction

Team Keith get together for the first time to check out each others blind auditions and realize how tough this competition really is

We caught up with Keith in the rehearsals for the live shows and he told us how he can't believe how good his team is and how he wonders what colour the sky is in Jimmy Cupples' world....

Keith explains the Battle plans!

A Message from Keith to Australia!

Keith Urban's induction to the @Grand Ole Opry on April 21, 2012

Keith Urban was inducted to the @Grand Ole Opry on April 21, 2012

Keith screwed his @Grand Ole Opry plaque into the wall with a pocketknife Marty Stuart gave him for the occasion!

Keith cuts into an AMAZING guitar cake with his new pocketknife from Marty Stuart at the @Grand Ole Opry!

Keith Urban at the Opry

Keith Urban's surprise invitation to join the Grand Ole Opry