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love the combo! hidden tattoo design or separate piece?

Christian Symbolism A to H

Embellishments by SLR: Christmas Tree 2012. Lovely Fleur de Lis and tree. A cooper, white and gold color scheme would be nice for a Chrismon tree in a private home.

Pomegranate — was first cultivated by the ancient Phoenicians, who used the jewel-like fruit as both food and medicine. The many seeds made the fruit an obvious emblem of fertility, and by association, love and marriage. The pomegranate is associated with a number of goddesses, including Astarte, Cybele, Hera, and especially Persephone, whose ingestion of just one of the fruit’s seeds (a probable allusion to pregnancy) made her an eternal prisoner of Hades.

Symbols of the holy trinity

Two Triangles and a Circle

List of Christmas Ornaments representing Christ - Perler Bead Ornaments

Free patterns to download and use to make Chrismons/Christian symbolic ornaments.

Christian Symbols for Chrsmon Patterns

Belsnickle Blogspot : Handmade Pearl of Great Price Ornament for a Chrismon Christmas Tree.

The Lion of Judah. Make salt dough Chrismons.

Belsnickle Blogspot : Craft The Three Nails and A Fish Chrismon

Belsnickle Blogspot : Craft The Three Nails and A Fish Chrismon

Belsnickle Blogspot : Craft a Communion Cup for The Chrismon Tree

On a Chrismon tree, "The scroll of Old Testament prophecies, foretelling the first coming of our Savior - Advent." from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

harp Chrismon - Richfield Christian Church, Waco, TX

On a Chrismon tree the chalice represents the Sacrament of Communion. from Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

chrismon-keys-large.png (800×783) The Keys are a symbol for the Church in all the world. Jesus told his friend Peter that "I will give you keys to heaven", so this means that Christians have to tell other people about Jesus

stencil for Lamb of God Chrismon

Chrismons ornaments- templates and meanings

A Chrismon Tree or a Christmas Tree?

All About Chrismon Trees and handmade Chrismon ornaments!

Note Songs: Chrismon Tree- scripture verses printed out and entertwined in the branches