This picture almost looks black and white, except for the tiny strip of blue sky. Nothing is as it seems at first glance.

Octavio Ocampo -

Jesus Christ - Octavio Ocampo -

butterflies fighting to drink the tears of a tracajá turtle in the peruvian amazon. sodium is a scarce resource in the amazon, so the butterflies have learned to get it where they can. photo jeff cremer

I hope you dance, loved playing in the rain as a child and still do. Quote is from one of my favorite songs.

Grandmother, mother and daughter rings

In the Wilderness by Ron DiCianni

Sacajawea. Stolen, held captive, sold, eventually reunited the Shoshone Indians. She was an interpreter and guide for Lewis and Clark in 1805-1806 with her husband Toussaint Charbonneau. She navigated carrying her son, Jean Baptiste, on her back. She traveled thousands of miles from the Dakotas the Pacific Ocean. The explorers, said she was cheerful, never complained, and proved to be invaluable. She served as an advisor, caretaker, and is legendary for her perseverance and resourcefulness.

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