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Definitely want this in my room!

I put a box like this on my desk last year and it was ALWAYS full of notes, stories and drawings from my kids. If they began to tell a story during a lesson I'd say "oh! box!" This way I heard the story AND kept the lesson going

-Sharpie marker on wax paper looks like stained glass.

This lady is awesome! She has a table of procedures that you should go through the first days of school.

This 30 slide presentation is a great icebreaking activity for the first few days of school, and can be used interactively with whiteboards to prac...

All about summer sheet that could be a brainstorming activity for writing (first week of school) Cute idea but you will have to make it up. LInk to webpage doesn't worl.

A Line Up Song freebie and classroom management ideas. Kindergarten Faith

Lots of great links to fun things to get done over the summer for next school year