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Can you spot the spelling errror?

Newborn golf photo of baby in a bucket of golf balls www.willowbabypho... Tee Time - Golf Hat - Newborn/Baby

Golf Baby Crochet Diaper Cover and Hat PATTERN: Clothes for Baby Boy, Baby Girl, and Newborn. $5.49, via Etsy.

You have fibroids if you develop tumors within the muscle that makes up most of your womb. There are different sizes of fibroids that a woman will suffer from. The smaller the fibroids the less symptoms they'll produce. However, fibroids can grow to be as

Dylan Bruce honey come here pleasssseee..

amen! If you went there I forgive you. If you have no ties, don't know anything about their school and about other sports than football and picked them because your friend likes them, they won a big game or you like the pretty colors- yeah, I judge you. yes i pray nightly lol

"Set your alarm for 5am- Get up and start your day. Dress. Drink a big glass of ice water. Mix some fruit into yogurt, add some granola. Stretch for 10 minutes. Skip for 5 minutes. Jog for 10 minutes. Run for 10 minutes. Walk back. When done, shower. Shampoo and condition your hair. Shave, and wash. Exfoliate your face. Out of the shower look in the mirror- Do you like what you see? If you do, good. Do this every day. If you don’t like what you see, do this every day and pretty soon you will.

Fun times and lifelong friendships through the gift of dance.