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The Bixler's Warped Sense Of Humor

My family has always had a bit of a warped sense of humor. I guess we have gotten that from my Dad. He has always been a joke-ster so much so that even at his funeral the preacher told a joke during his little preacher speech. I find sometimes that my sense of humor and sarcasm gets me into trouble if I am not careful.

I want a pair of these!

How to scare your neighbors…

This is my Dad and me - his name was Freeman but everyone called him Bix. I remember the sweater well - he must of worn it for years! This pin board is named after him!

Sans commentaires... a different kind of boarding. Love it, the only kind of ironing I would consider!

Yep. Check this one off the list!

Inappropriate pictures to give on 18th birthday- This is exactly something my Dad would have done!!

LOL -good one! I can just see it in real life! Animals Gallery » Blog Archive » Funny Cat!! LOL

He impacted the lives of many. Was a gluten for punishment with 3 wives, 9 kids and thousands of grand, step or otherwise straggling children at his feet. One of his mottos was "the only good pet is one that don't eat, don't shit and lays eggs".

Found this pic on Facebook. One of the Bixler family's all time favorite jokes which is often repeated for no apparent reason is this: "Knock, Knock..." Who's There? "Cantaloupe" Cantaloupe Who? "Can't elope tonight... Dad has the car!" ----- Yeah, I know, it's hilarious!

My Dad (glutton for punishment) was married 3 times. Here he is in 1970 with Ginni - Over the years I have seen him dressed as assorted crazies, including a pilgrim, a hippie and an outer space creature!

This reminds me of a time when we were in a pet shop when I was a kid. (long time ago) back then, pet shops sold or had monkeys and they did not necessarily keep them in a cage. We went in, Mom with 4 kids and a monkey jumped off the shelf onto my sisters butt lenght braids and swung back and forth!! She probably is still traumatized by it!! It was hilarious!! (To the rest of us!)

This pin board was created in honor of my Dad who pretty much established the Bixler's warped sense of humor. We have more pictures of him 'not looking happy' holding kids and also of wearing silly hats! He was always joking and a glutton for punishment surrounding himself with more and more children all the time!!

Love this cartoonist's sense of humor - Even birds are affected by our poor food options! www.wowyouarereal...

I love this photo of a little boy visiting the White House. He wanted to feel President Obama's hair because he wanted to know if the President’s hair felt just like his.

Perception vs Reality - Don't you just love it!