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I used a shoe organizer to store diapers and wipes. It works great. I have about 6-7 diapers in each slot and just grab a stack when I need to put more in the diaper bag.

Decorated Diaper Box- I've done this so many times! I even went as far as covering them in clear packing tape so they were water proof.

A Creative Way to Reuse Diaper Boxes: Creative Storage Space

Snowy day activity: Fill bottles with food coloring and water; go outside and paint.Ive got to remember to do this!

Avoid that winter static hair! Simply put a dryer sheet on your brush and secure it with a rubber band.

Rainbow Pasta. The kids will love this as a birthday treat ! Place your pasta in boiling water that has a tablespoon or so of olive oil in it. Boil it for 4 minutes LESS than the time recommended on the box for al dente pasta. Then strain it and place it in a large bowl or Ziplock bag that contains just enough cool water and food coloring of your choice. Leave it in the bag until it reaches the desired depth of color and then rinse it before serving.

now this is cool: glue the buttons to a balloon and then pop the balloon once the glue dries to make a button bowl