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Practical things

Why didn't I think of that stuff! These are everyday applications, common solutions, etc.

This has to be one of the best ideas I have seen, an easy way to hang shelves and frames: Piece of masking tape on edge of level. Mark location of holes need to hang item then transfer to wall!

Level Hanging: Hang Artwork and Wall-hangings Straight and Level

Painters tape, then double stick tape to hang posters and such without peeling paint off walls or putting thumbtack holes in walls. SUCH a clever idea!

the double stick/painters tape trick - Picnics Under the Moon

Use a large binder clip as a glue gun stand--brilliant...never thought of this!

A swim noodle holds open lawn bags perfect!

Easily change dirty water in a flower vase with a turkey baster. Suction up the old liquid without disturbing your arrangement. Then add fresh water directly from the tap.

Use a paper towel holder for garbage bags. And that is why I love Pinterest! HOW SMART!

How To Extract a Splinter : Lifehacks from 100 Years Ago. ... you mean I don't have to attack my own flesh with a sewing needle anymore?? Yeah!

Plastic cling wrap instead of taping everything when painting- so much easier!

You probably don’t realize it, but your pots come with built-in spoon rests. | 18 Everyday Products You’ve Been Using Wrong

diy home sweet home: Simple Tips that are Borderline Genius

Simple cleaning tips that’ll save you lots of time…

If you're like me, you have several pairs of headphones lying around. Putting them in an empty pill bottle is an easy way to store them (and carry them around).