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Reading Response Form for Listening Centers - FREE!, Where children have fun learning to read!

part part whole/ They will LOVE this!!! This activity combines math & listening skills. Draw a line down the middle of a ziplock bag & fill the bag w/ water & 5 beads. Say "Can you put 1 bead on this side & 4 beads on the other side?" This activity introduces & enforces different combinations of 5. It would also be a great activity to practice with "left" & "right" &/or to put in another # of beads & work w/ it's combinations.

Kindergarten Chronicles: A Kindergarten Blog...: A Day at the Zoo

THE NUMBER SONG by mr. RAY recommend by Charlotte's Clips - I use this at the beginning of the year to teach about the numbers 1 to the end of the year, we sing it again to practice doubles such as 4 + 4 = 8 ... love it!!! I like to play my air guitar;)

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