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Fast and Easy Rustic French Bread Recipe - Homemade bread in one hour! Follow this easy recipe and you will be baking rustic French bread in no time at all.

Fast and Easy Rustic French Bread Recipe

Canning butter (says it will keep for 3 years). Comment says: My cousin makes this... but shakes the butter a few times as it cools. When it is finished, it is nicely blended, the consistency of soft margarine or butter from a tub, no mixing needed, great for spreading on toast just as it is. She now cans all her butter and rotates it into her years supply.

Teresa Tronier Photography: Butter in Your Food Storage

3 Ingredient Injection Marinade for Beef Brisket (on a Weber Grill)... LOTS of HINTS and TRICKS for a PERFECT BRISKET EVERY TIME! No need for a complicated or expensive injectable marinade. A citrusy sweet, bready Hop Beer has plenty of Earthy flavors while a fruit juice and melted butter make this easy and ideal ... When you absolutely Positively HAVE to have a moist tender and delicious Big Hunk of Meat!

Recipe For Smoked Paprika Red Potato and Egg Bake - This is gorgeous. I love smoked paprika, and it’s fab on potatoes. Great recipe.

Recipe For Honey-Lime Chicken Skewers - Very easy to make, and a fun cook for a backyard evening with the family!