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"Cowboys and Indians" toy set.

Bucking bronco. Denver (with city hall in background).

Life Magazine, August 22, 1949.

Marlboro Man ad, 1957.

Reagan Chesterfield ad. "Buy the beautiful Christmas-card carton"

Crown Crust Pizza from Pizza Hut, only sold in the Middle East. While a stomach turning concept to many Americans, probably not unlike the way American's sell "ethnic food" in the US. Example - the Chinese buffet that features foods next to each other regardless of regional boundaries or traditional taste preferences -- to average Americans, it is all just 'Chinese food.' Hamburgers and pizza conjure up images of "American food." Why wouldn't you eat them together. (NPR article.)

Playboy Penthouse. Situating male consumption and interest in traditionally feminine domain- decorating, entertaining, cooking -- amidst pornography to affirm heterosexual proclivity. (See Osgerby).

1957 Cadillac. Dagmars, anthropomorphic. (See Populuxe, Vital Forms)

Different faces of Betty Crocker -- never a real person, but a collection of people to help sell product by expert. (See Marling).

Women's boycott of Japanese silk stockings during WWII. (See Nylon, Meikle)

Disney. Motherless characters. Stepmothers and other female relatives are often cruel. Even the more independent heroines are traditionally beautiful and ultimately marry. (Gender, race, colonialism, hegemony, Orientalism, Frankfurt school). (See Emperor's Old Groove).

"Seeking to create an advertising program that links Coca‑Cola with Christmas, artist Haddon Sundblom created his first illustration showing Santa Claus pausing for a Coke. For the next three decades, from 1931 to 1964, Sundblom paints images of Santa that help to create the modern interpretation of St. Nick." -- So, Coca Cola is responsible for the colors and image of modern day Santa.

Coca-Cola Santa Claus
  • Deborah Engel

    Leach talks about the US as a religious country that gave way to consumerism as the new driving force-- here you have the commodification of religion, blurring lines between the two.

High Heels. Signifier of femininity, power, sexuality, vulnerability, and violence. (Think Mad Men, "Mystery Date")

Joints and movement on various Barbies. Compare few joints, even in evolved models, to Action man with his 20 joints. Boys - active, Girls - Passive. Barbies prioritize posing over action. (See Attfield, The Gendered Object).

Hula Hoop (See Vital Forms, plastic)

Newlyweds prepare for their honeymoon in a fallout shelter. Surrounded by consumer goods and supplies. (See Elaine Tyler May, Homeward Bound.) (Cold war, domesticity, gender.)