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Magical Herbs, Incense and Oils

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How to Use Red Clover Blossoms

How to Use Red Clover Blossoms

Bay Leaf: Sacred to the god Apollo. This herb is used for protection, good fortune, success, purification, strength, healing and divination. It is traditional to write wishes on the leaves and then burn them to make them come true. Can be used in charms that when placed under the pillow will induce prophetic dreams. Place a leaf in the corner of each room in the house to protect all that dwell there. Carry bay leaf or use in a protection charm to protect yourself against magical attack.

Samhain Incense recipe - this would smell lovely.

Medicine Bag, Bundle, Pouch, Wrap, Tobacco Pouch, Offering Bag, Leather, Keep safe your Sacred items.

Beautiful Smudge Sticks

For many Wiccans, growing herbs is more than just a rewarding hobby; it is a religious experience. Working in a garden is a powerful way for Wiccans to attune with the earth and honor Goddess and God. Wiccans use many herbs for sacred rituals and workings.Growing and nurturing herbs in a special garden provides you with the advantage of having your own energies already in the plant.

Herbs: Create a book of #herbs....

ELIfe: Journal Writing as a Way of Clearing Your Mind

opened in 1951 the museum of witchcraft in cornwall england is ...

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Herbs: #Herbs.

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Witchy Tool Box, Things in jars are always my favorite.

looking for rainbows in the moonlight

Crystals, herbs, potions & nature ~ ☾ • ˚ * 。 •

Lament of Bansheena

bottle of protection

glittersindarksolemnity: ☾ mystic, nature ,... - Aged Well


Incense by XxMelanthaxX on deviantART

Spice of Life Incense.

Best herbs for stress relief and relaxation // Self-care tips using herbs and other natural methods included in article.

Taking Time for Self-Care | Herbal Academy of New England

How to Use Essential Oils on the Feet

Vervain is a very powerful, protective herb, that is said to be able to take away a witch's power. It is an excellent choice for divination and warding spells and used to protect against demons. Also known as Wild Valerian, it is thought to confer immortality & has a calming effect on humans & dogs. It's attractive to cats and rats & said the Pied Piper carried it in his pocket when he lured the rats away. Vervain around the house will help abundant revenues. #Fairy #Magic #Tarot

Catnip Herb Profile

Herb Profile: Catnip for Relaxation, Sleep and Illness

silverwitch-Magick Oil Recipes