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Tatjana Lemza

Bernard Jeunet

Laure Freyermuth - Sculpture en papier mâché

Amandadas: Cómo se hizo "Urbantonietta"

Amandadas: Cómo se hizo "Urbantonietta"

Gulya Alekseeva (armiture for the doll structure; she uses either paper mache or paper clay for the final surface)

Авторская кухня

Puk by ~CLAYMOR on deviantART

Puk by CLAYMOR on deviantART

Rock Troll by Wendy Froud, 16" tall, based on character from "Trolls" the book by Wendy Froud

Сувенирная кукла Заря. Handmade.



Fairystudiokallies: avril 2010

Fairystudiokallies: April 2010

enaidsworld: Fairy puppets

enaidsworld: Fairy puppets

Dan DiPaolo Studios

Lang August Moon Moonbeams Dan DiPaolo Pumpkin Patch Trixie | eBay

Blossom seed. Shapers who have consumed blossom seeds are overgrown with lichen, flower and bark.

Forest Nymph | The Kuo Photography

art doll

fairy in the keyhole