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Pastry Cream Recipe ~ is the filling/base of many desserts. Use it to make/fill countless cakes, pastries, trifles, mousses, pies etc.. You can also flavor pastry cream by whipping the finished product with peanut butter, nutella, caramel, melted chocolate, ground spices, extracts and liquors to taste. Just don’t overdo it on the liquid elements, lest you give the pastry cream a soupy texture.

Edible Teacups..cuties from cookies and ice cream cones and candy bits

Pioneer Taffy! ***Kid Friendly Recipe Need to do this sometime

Frozen Key Lime Pie - here's a perfect cool summer dessert. I've seen many recipes for this pie but this is my own twist with a vanilla cookie crust and a little whipped cream folded into the mix to lighten up the texture even more. This doesn't freeze terribly hard at all so it is easy to cut and has a very refreshing creamy finish. The fact that it's frozen means that you can make it days in advance of any summer event.