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Debora Bland

Debora Bland

So happy right now and grateful for love, peace and happiness that I have been given. Ready to settle down and get back to life, being at home and projects! Ha

A quick and easy, but delightfully yummy baby shower decoration and treat. It also doubles as a great thank you gift for nurses on labor and delivery or postpartum!

omg. sounds like someone i know. lets just mooch off our "fiance" baha. lazy people like that make me sick

  • leah

    I am a full time student & because my husband is a REAL man he is happy to support me emotionally and financially

  • Mrs. Kerr

    Meaghan Allen-Harris, thank you for your comment. You are exactly right! We need to uplift and encourage one another. One is no better than the other. I have had to work out of the home and in the home and I can see value in both. If it doesn't pertain to who you are, then it doesn't apply ladies so don't let it get to you! :D

  • Natalie Hendrix

    To the "lady" who posted are a nasty bitch.

  • Samantha Miller

    I really think everyone is missing the point. This sounds like it's referring to those women who aren't even housewives. They don't cook or clean or take care of the kids. They are lazy and just spend whatever money they want to. They feel entitled to have everything, yet they don't deserve it. That's a mooch.

  • Elizabeth Fox

    Meaghan and Angela- you two are awesome. Well said.

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