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Social Media

WeTransfer is an amazing site that allows you to download & send huge files over the internet to another person's computer. Send an entire video - you can send up to 2GB! It's free - and for me it's impossible to use up all the space I'm allowed.

The 'Not Buying It' App: Challenging Sexist Media. No surprise this project easily surpassed it's indieagogo campaign.

Instagram: This is fun to play with, but I've been struggling with how I might integrate it into my social media at work. Now the the "Follow Me" app adds functions to Instagram posts such as being able to pin to Pinterest or post on Face Book - hooray!

Behance: Amazing portfolios by all kinds of designers here - including theatre. A social network that allows you to create private working groups.

A Social Media site for Lego enthusiasts. I kid you not!

Netvibes: A life saver. I keep all my social media sites on my Netvibes dash board. Helps me stay aware of what needs attention.

Schemer: A fusion of Yelp and FourSquare with a pinch of twitter? Not sure. I'm using to plan world domination.

Here I am on Google +, it's feeling less and less like the bleeding edge. Add me?

Just joined the Siti Theatre "GroupSite." A useful tool for creatives collaborating: "Groupsites are a powerful social collaboration tool for ordinary people in everyday groups."

Behance - just dipping a toe into this. "the leading online platform to showcase and discover creative work"

Pinterest is for bloggers.