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Killer leg workout from Tone Tighten. I love their at home workouts for when I can't get out running or to the gym. You break a sweat and really feel the burn.

Tone & Tighten: The Killer Leg Circuit Workout

7 Day Cleanse = lose 10-17 pounds. This is an amazing 7 day meal plan/guide to lose pounds and totally cleanse your body.

7 Ways to Shrink Your Muffin Top

7 Ways to Shrink Your Muffin Top – GymRa Daily

Yoga Sequence For an Aching Runner's Back - If you run, it's not unusual to experience back pain at some point. This pain can be caused by tense upper back muscles and shoulders, weak abs, tight hamstrings and hips, or a combination. You'll be amazed at how a regular stretching routine can help! Sleep better and tie your shoe with ease by going through this 11-pose yoga sequence after every run.

Yoga Sequence For an Aching Runner's Back

flatten your belly, slim your thighs, and firm your butt.

The No Squats Belly, Butt, and Thighs Workout

Are you training for an obstacle run? Are you eyeing that Pretty Muddy Run flyer or a website for a Spartan Run? Well, Tribesports has put together a workout to help you fly through an obstacle race!

Spartan Race training work out

Lol! good to know Workout tips from the Spartan Race handbook :) Beast!x!

7 moves to lose love handles and my clients do these all the time and I hear alot of WHINING!

Types Of Stretches That Improve Different Parts Of Your Body…

Sculpt a strong, slim, sexy body. FITNESS gives you the moves to do if you're in your 20s, your 30s, or your 40s and beyond.

Kick-Butt Toner Works: Butt, Abs, HamstringsStand facing ball with palms on top of it, arms extended, and raise right leg behind you (as shown). Draw right knee toward ball and hold for 1 count. Return to start for 1 rep. Do 12 reps

Looks like a great early morning workout for right before a shower - quick & effective. I'm fully aware this will not cause anyone to drop 10lbs, but it is a great way to get moving in the morning & add a bit of extra fitness to the day,

Flat Stomach Work Out.

Dr Oz: Slimdown Drink - Combine 1 C grapefruit juice, 2 tsp apple cider vinegar, and 1 tsp honey. Drink this combination before every meal. Apple cider vinegar helps you burn and break down fat. This drink combination also burns away your fat, literally. Drink it 3 x per day before meals.

I just did this for the first time and man am I going to be sore in the morning. It says it's a leg workout, but it definitely works your arms and core as well. I can't do burpees because of my ankle and knee injuries so I did a one minute wall sit. Here's to hoping that in six months I have my sexy legs back.