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Debra Goss
Debra Goss
Debra Goss

Debra Goss

50 Amazing Decorating Ideas For Small Apartments_44

this cat is furious

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have to get a couple of these. Easy Change Artwork Frames. Holds 50 pieces of kids artwork. Only $8.95. These are at JoAnns.

Year you met, year you were married. cutest idea ever!! ♥❤

  • Dawn Ladd

    @Stephanie Close - I think the "Lucky Us" one isn't a penny but a copper colored metal disk hand stamped with the words. To others worried about the illegality of this, it isn't illegal and considering that the federal government has been trying to get rid of pennies for years and the prevelance of penny stamp/stretching machines at national monuments & state parks I'm certain they won't go hunting down people with a hole drilled in a few pennies.

  • Julie Meyer

    haha these comments are hilarious. In my city, it is illegal to drag a dead horse down Queen Street between 2-3 on a saturday...let's just all get over ourselves here. It's cute, pennies are worthless (especially now) so everyone settle down lol

  • Jennifer Meiners

    @Megan Pace I've seen this-super cute :) thanks!

  • Emily Sprowell

    right through his head

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love this. carry out peace where ever you go Skin(ny) Love | tattoos picture peace tattoo

Alphabet Wall Craft