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Corn Blue Bottle 1882 Edward Hulme Engraved Botanical Chromolitho

1895 Garden & field seeds

1895 - Garden & field seeds / - Biodiversity Heritage Library

ARCHIAS SEED STORE, Columbine 532, Vintage Seed Packet, 1920’

STINGING NETTLE: an eco fiber that is similar to linen but does not wrinkle as easily & is stronger than cotton. With modern fabric production, stinging nettle can be softer & more comfortable than linen. Unlike cotton, the whole stinging nettle plant (leaf & stem) can be used for fiber production. It can be grown in cold & harsh climates, with no pesticides & little watering. It was harvested widely for textile use before cotton production overtook it in the industrial revolution.

EVERITT’S SEED STORE, Larkspur 852, Vintage Seed Packet

EVERITT’S SEED STORE, Godetia 931, Vintage Seed Packet

Antique botanical print.

Victorian Gaslight Style. C. Late 1800s- Early 1900s