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Debbie Wright

Debbie Wright

#Mom of 2, #MilitaryWife, and ind. cons. at #TastefullySimple. ~ Lots of #Recipes for #Quick #Easy #Meals including #SlowCooker on -

Check out this #Veggie #Quiche - #Spinach and #Cheese in a #Pie Crust never tasted so good! BONUS - it's in the #BirthdaySale get ya some here www.DebbieWright....

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This is the easiest way to make the perfectly seasoned cabbage. There will be no reaching for the salt and pepper at your dinner table with this one.

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Walt Disney World Tips and Tricks: Packing Tips

Journeys To Wonderland: 40 Tips for Enhancing your Walt Disney World Vacation

Ever wanted to replicate the shredded #chicken from #Mexican #Restaurants? I have the PERFECT #Recipe for you. BONUS: it's for the #SLOWCOOKER! Just fix it & forget it, with minimum clean-up which is right up my alley ;)

Do you participate in #TacoTuesday? Are you tired of the same ole #Taco #Recipes? If so, then you MUST try this recipe. It's a fresh look to your #dinner plate, with a familiar taste that your #family will ask for more. This recipe can go straight in the oven OR into the *freezer to cook at a later time. Simply make it in a disposable pan & seal tight in freezer bag. This is a Meal that is included in one of the Freezer Meal Workshops.

We eat a lot of pizza. I mean, a LOT. There's something with pepperoni and tomato sauce on the menu virtually every week...

My husband and I HEART #Wings! He likes his a little hotter than mine, however we both enjoy eating them. The reason that we don't eat them, often anymore, is when we changed the way that we eat. Yes sadly, those scrumptious little bites of goodness are in NO way good for our bodies, being #fried and covered in a butter-based sauce. Although they are the PERFECT food for the #game, they are not so great for us. So, what do we do about it? We make them ourselves...

My five year old son makes #FreezerMeals. He loves to help me in the #kitchen and he asked if he could do it. I agreed, however told him that I HAD to video it. HA! He was excited to do it. So take 2 1/2 minutes to watch how he makes the #Marinara #Meatballs recipe to put in the #freezer.

I ♥ #MyMugCake because I can curb my #cake #cravings without having to make a whole cake -- I don't need that #temptation. LOL!

#SeasonedSalt is a STAPLE in our house! Grilled Chicken is one of our favorite ways to use it. #TastefullySimple blend is unlike anything on the #market. It truly is an #AllSeasoning. Click the picture to see how...

#GUACAMOLE -- Yes, people either gotta have it or push it to the side. For us? It's a GOTTA HAVE! Easy Peasy with #TastefullySimple #SimplySalsa. Click the pic for details...

I love how it is #HEALTHIER than the traditional way of making #tacos with Ground Beef and pre-package Taco Seasoning that is full of Sodium and Preservatives. These were just as fast and easy and SO MUCH BETTER--even cheaper to make ;)

YES! EXCITED to try this!!!! We took Cream of _____ out of our diet and some of my recipes have been lacking. THIS is my answer, instead of paying almost $4 for "Clean" soup at Earth Fare. YAY!

Debbie Wright shows how to prepare #Chicken #Taco #Soup for the #Freezer to later pull out and cook in the #SlowCooker You'll need: 15 oz can of #corn 14.5 oz can of Diced #tomatoes 28 oz or 3 ½ cups of Chicken #Broth 2 lbs chicken breast 1/2 jar Corn Black Bean Salsa (TS) 1 TBSP Fiesta Party Dip Mix (TS) 2 - One Gallon Ziploc Bag Blog post: www.debstsrecipe....

I looked on the web for a #Chicken #Chili Recipe that I could Tastefully Simplize. As I looked at various ones, I realized that I would have to combine a few and then change some of the ingredients as usual. I hit a HOME RUN with this one. To quote my husband "I'm a big fan. You need to put this on your Blog and make it again. I'd like to carry a big pot of that to work with me.". Love #TastefullySimple! Watch the YouTube Video in the 1st Comment

My kids would LOVE these! Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops

#MealPlanning at it's BEST! #SneakPeak to January Edition. Enroll in #SimplyDinners by 12/24 to receive this issue. There will be 5 products that will make 8 #Dinners from the #recipes provided. You also receive a #GroceryList to take to the store with you. There will ALWAYS be #spices left over for your other cooking during the month. Great way to build your #SpiceRack.