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This is either stuff that inspires my own photography or my own photography. You can also check out my daily photoblog at

Missing Mom by William Lehman on 500px

Salamander we caught in our yard.

Tapestry of colors in the "Palouse country" of eastern Washington • photo: Kevin McNeal on Flickr

Took this photo the other day for Lightstock.

Took this photo of the kids this last week - now available on Lightstock for purchase.

My dog, Dugal, does this to me every night before bed. I go to get into bed and he is laying right smack in the middle of where I sleep. If I move him, he grumbles at me. Not mean, but like I’m the jerk who is sleeping in his bed and am now inconveniencing him.

When orange and purple go together.

Water Drop Number One - This was my first attempt (though not the absolute first photograph taken today) at doing water drop photography. Two 580EX II Canon Flashes with 28-135 kit lens. Fired one Flash behind a diffuser and the other one right at level with the water drop in a glass bowl.

Shopping with Momma

Sunflower Drought - It’s been pretty dry lately. I think that is about everywhere at least in the US. In most places, it is officially considered a drought. The grass is tinder dry and almost white from lack of water. I stopped earlier this afternoon on the side of the road and caught this Sunflower. You can see the almost white grass around it and even the lighter green leaves of the sunflower in the foreground. Bees are getting whatever the scorching heat has left them of the pollen.

Smoke & Shadow - Independence, KY fireworks. After the finale, children rushed for the last few moments of light while smoke swirled around them.

Crises Mode - Dugal: I think we all have a “crises mode”. Dugal’s is hanging out in the laundry room on the colder floor. He was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia yesterday. You can find more information at the following link:

Dad - Happy Father's Day

  • William Lehman

    It’s a day late, but I only just saw my dad yesterday… well, last night. Got home around 2am. He had heart surgery about two weeks ago where they had to stop his heart for about 45 minutes and do a double bypass. I hadn’t seen him since before the surgery so it was good to see him.