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This was a fun virtual meet and greet new year's eve party from Jan 2012 - dress code: Disco Balls and/or shiny stuff! Info here:

Igor, Happy Interior Blog, Munich, Germany www.happyinterior...

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Steffi Today in the office: Me & my disco ball pullover from ZARA. We had only a second to do the photo booth picture, hope you can see the glitter!

  • Holly Becker

    thank you and I must add, Sania looks FIERCE in this photo as in insanely pretty!!!

  • Belinda Graham

    holly, that story is so sweet! I am off to check out that pic in your book! we also have the occasional daytime disco - when the afternoon light streams through our living room doors, the kids like to grab the disco ball, place it in the middle of the room so the whole room lights up and boogie and sing to their own made-up music. good fun. i think your book cover had me fall in love with them, and then the image of the white room in real living mag with one hanging above the couch sealed it for me. obsessed! x

  • Cari-Jane Hakes

    oooh, maybe they are fierce shoes....not any case, fierce none the less

  • ahiddenblossom

    What a beautiful photo Sania, you do look FIERCE! Great shot of your interior and disco balls :)

  • Sania Pell

    Ha, ha, I can't say I've ever been called fierce before (but I quite like it!).

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alentine & Coscarelli in Chicago @

Dressed up in Sari for Discomania, St Paul, MN

Marni, Hamburg, Germany

  • Holly Becker

    I keep wondering where in the world Marni got those fabulous pants!

clara kirchner, hamburg, germany, www.tastesheriff....

we are Pauline (left) and AnneSvea (right) from Germany, near Frankfurt, Hessen :-) You can find us here: and

Belinda Graham, Sydney Australia, thehappyhomeblog....

  • Stefanie Luxat

    That is so cute! Is that a real wallpaper in your back??? Best wishes, Steffi

  • Belinda Graham

    thanks steffi! they are mirror dots i stuck on the wall for my daughter's sparkle party a few months ago - a perfect backdrop for a discomania picture!

  • Holly Becker

    Belinda you look adorable as usual!

  • colourliving

    Very 70's..;)

Nike, Hamburg, Germany goingweird.wordpr...

  • Anne Heisig


  • Holly Becker

    Anne I still cannot believe you MADE that disco ball!

  • Nike goingweird

    I swear I made it ; ) And it´s very easy and inexpensive and you can do any color you like!, You should really try if you´re ever "in need" of a disco ball!

Chinyere Feasey Oxfordshire, UK

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  • Holly Becker

    Gorgeous eyes! I think her eyes are the disco balls in this photo!!!!

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