Pigs in mud (ganache, of course!).

These gender-reveal cupcakes really turned out great. :)

Snickerdoodle cupcakes topped with fresh Snickerdoodle cookies . . . yum!

I simply cannot get enough of these baby faces . . . still incorporating from Planet Cupcakes, but the flower motif is my own.

Made following instructions in a Planet Cupcake book . . . there are several of these sweet babies and I made most of them.

Swiss chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, and chocolate fondant . . . mmmmmm!

Devil's Food with swirls of chocolate ganache . . . delicious!

I call this little sweetie Death by Chocolate . . .

Love these precious polar bears . . .

Fantasy/Toadstool House . . . every part of the house is edible.

Pink lemonade cake(s) topped with cream cheese buttercream and sweet, little ballerina slippers . . . stop by Battersweet on Facebook for a chance to win (give-away is today --July 1, 2012)!

Chocolate and mint . . . Mint and chocolate . . . yum!

Wedding shower cupcakes

Deejay816's image

This cute little fondant Elmo is for an upcoming birthday cake order.

Hurrah for the red, white, and blue!

These bitty-bites are amazing!

These sweet little Angel Food cakes topped with a combination of whipped cream and cream cheese are perfect for those hot, summer days.

The sweetest little Panda faces ever and they were so easy to make. :)

Inspired by Bella Cupcakes, these may well be the most beautiful cakes I've ever made.

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