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Not to make light of what seems like a very serious matter, but the recent unravelings of famous Illinois whitetail bowhunter Marc Anthony (the ghillie suit guy) seem like, as Yogi Berra would say, “Déjà vu all over again.” by Daniel E. Schmidt As a deer hunting world, we’ve been here before. Quasi-famous hunter is accused of faking his way into the record books. If you haven’t seen the story, …

2 Cute Raccoon Head Mount Taxidermy in Log Dog Hunting Animal Deer Fox Skunk | eBay

Would look perfectin my living room!! Sweet Mule Deer and Cougar Mount

Sweet Mule Deer and Cougar Mount

From forum member Bukmastr

  • Kendra Nance

    I have one that looks a lot like that hanging in my living room...

Notice the crazy wall paint? It used to be my kids playroom. - Forum member pgchambers

Cool Photos of Whitetail Deer Mounts

D.I.Y. - European Deer Skull Mount (Not for the squeamish!)

Some non-typical racks have many points, palmated antlers or extra tines off a main frame.

Great Non-Typical Whitetails!

Whether it’s an antler mount hanging outside on the barn or a shed found in the woods, antlers that have been bleached by the elements can be restored to a natural color with Minwax Golden Oak stain. Rub it on with a cotton cloth and let dry. One coat usually does the trick, but you can repeat until you’ve achieved the desired coloration.

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