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Boba Fett Star Wars Eyewear, by Aigan. Complete with special case.

I laughed way too hard

Get a plane tshirt and quick stitch lace to the bottom and maybe to the pocket.

If it were me, he'd say "Not her! She'll drive me insane!"

Can we just all be grateful that this didn’t happen in his 11th regeneration? Matt Smith would’ve broken both legs.

And when Stu Pickles had an existential breakdown: | 33 Jokes That Went Way Over Your Head As A Kid

Teen Zombie Survival @ Forest Hills Library by mySAPL, via Flickr

Book Displays at MPL by montereypubliclibrary, via Flickr (book display)

"Stop for a Good Book" - Red, Yellow, and Green book covers. Book Displays at MPL by montereypubliclibrary, via Flickr.

I like this idea for banned books week. Especially since some of the reasons for challenges are..frankly..silly.

Mugshots... great idea for library display. I want to get teachers and students to pose this way for Banned Books Week!

shelf markers directing patrons to other similar new authors - an idea shared from Garfield County Libraries, Colorado! #SDSLCornerstone

This idea could be used to promote a new product or an item that you want to move quickly! #Shelf Talkers

Geek Love Sign-Geek Valentine-Wedding-Wall Decor-Doctor Who-Star Wars-Supernatural-Harry Potter--Firefly/Serenity-Superwholock

Oh my goodness...ahahha. I would totally rather read this saga than the twilight saga!

Deadpool, Boba Fett Scorpion