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**50 States ~ Capital Buildings

This is a list of U.S. state capitol buildings in the United States and is not to be confused with a list of state capitals,which are the cities where these buildings are located.A capitol typically contains the meeting place for its state's legislature and offices for the state's governor,though this is not true for every state.Eleven state capitols do not feature a dome: the Alaska,Delaware,Hawaii,Louisiana,New Mexico, New York,North Dakota,Ohio,Oregon,Tennessee and Virginia state capitols.

New York State Capitol Albany, New York State Capitol is the capitol building of the U.S. state of New York. Housing the New York State Legislature, it is located in the state capital city Albany,The dome and tower were never completed, as it was found that the weight of the building was already causing stress fractures and actually to make the building shift downhill toward State Street. The central open court is dominated by a shaft intended to support a massive dome

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Alabama State Capitol, in Montgomery.Upon entering the ground floor of the capitol building, one enters the main stair-hall. It is the location of cantilevered stairways that spiral up to the third floor. The twin cantilevered spiral staircases are among the building's finest original architectural features.

Alaska State Capitol is in Juneau. The building is six stories high and made from brick-faced reinforced concrete, with a facade of Indiana limestone on the first two floors. The portico has four columns made of Tokeen marble from Prince of Wales Island, which is also used for interior trim. Because it lacks the large landscaped grounds of most state capitols, it could appear to be simply an office building. It is one of only eleven state capitols that do not feature a dome.

Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix. The grand mosaic of the state seal suffered from a blunder by the private contractor who forgot to include two of Arizona's "five C's": to this day, "cattle" and "citrus" are notoriously missing from the depiction of the seal on the main floor.

Arkansas State Capitol Building,Little Rock.The front entrance doors are made of bronze, which are 10 feet (3 metres) tall, four inches (10 cm) thick and were purchased from Tiffany's in New York for $10,000. The cupola is covered in 24 karat gold leaf.

California State Capitol in Sacramento.The building is based on the U.S.Capitol building in Washington D.C. Statue of Queen Isabella and Columbus commemorating her decision to finance a voyage to the New World.The flat roof with balustrade are two drums supporting a dome.First drum a colonnade of Corinthian columns;the second, Corinthian pilasters.Large arched windows line the drum walls. The dome 210 ft high and supports a lantern with a smaller dome capped with a gold-leafed orbed finial.

Colorado State Capitol Building,Denver. From where the fifteenth step is engraved with the words "One Mile Above Sea Level." The statue "The Closing of an Era" at the Colorado capitol depicts an American Indian in triumph near a fallen bison. The granite for the statue came from Fremont County, Colorado. The sculpture was completed for the Chicago World's Fair in 1893 by Preston Powers. Powers' friend John Greenleaf Whittier wrote the poem inscribed at the base of the monument.

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Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford, The central domed tower is distinctive.The overall height of the tower is 257 ft.Dome originally had a large statue on top of it, named 'The Genius of Connecticut', which was taken down in 1938 after being damaged. The original plaster statue is now at the capitol, and has been coated in bronze. but a new bronze cast has been made. It has not yet been mounted on the summit of the dome, awaiting an additional $200,000 in funding.

The original capitol of Delaware was the State House in Dover.From 1965-1970, a north and south wings were added on the sides of the building,Two more wings, providing more office space for legislators and staff as well as hearing and caucus rooms, were added to the east side of the building in 1994.

Florida State Capitol, in Tallahassee, The Capitol height of 345 feet. it is a 25 story building (6th floor is only accessible through the freight elevator).Threatened with demolition in the late 1970s when the new capitol was being built, the historic capitol was saved.The efforts were successful and the building was restored to its 1902 appearance. Architectural highlights include the elaborate art glass dome, red and white striped awnings, the Florida State Seal over the entry columns.

Georgia State Capitol, in Atlanta, The open central rotunda is flanked by two wings, each with a grand staircase and three-story atrium crowned by clerestory windows. The statue Miss Freedom has adorned the dome since the building's opening.

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Hawaii State Capitol is located in downtown Honolulu, The Eternal Flame on Beretania Street is a metal sculptured torch that burns endlessly as a tribute to all men and women from Hawaii who served with the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines the major and minor conflicts in which the United States was engaged.

Idaho State Capitol, Boise.he Golden Statue of George Washington was carved by Charles Osner in 1869 from white pine, which is the state tree of Idaho. He did all of his work by candlelight and it took him 4 years to finish.The large bell directly in front of the Capitol Building is a scale replica of the Liberty Bell (uncracked). Pedestrians can ring the bell

Illinois State Capitol, located in Springfield. The capitol dome is covered in zinc to provide a silvery facade which does not weather. With a total height of 361 feet (110 m), the Illinois capitol is the tallest non-skyscraper capitol, even exceeding the height of the United States Capitol in Washington, DC

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    At Christmas time strings of lights are connecting from the furthest point to the top of capitol. At night time its a beautiful sight.

Indiana Statehouse,it is located in the state capital Indianapolis.In front of the Statehouse stands a statue of Oliver Morton, governor of Indiana during the Civil War.

Iowa State Capitol,capital city, Des Moines. The commanding feature is the central towering dome constructed of iron and brick covered with 23 carat gold. The gold leafing was replaced in 1964-1965 at a cost of $79,938.The dome is surmounted by a lookout lantern that may be reached by long and winding stairs, that is 275 feet above the ground floor. The rotunda beneath the dome is 67 feet in diameter. Four smaller domes of simple design rise from the four corners of the Capitol.

Kansas State Capitol, known also as the Kansas Statehouse, It is located in the city of Topeka. The dome sculpture depicts a Kansa Native American with bow and arrow pointed at the North Star. The title Ad Astra is Latin shortening of the state motto Ad Astra Per Aspera To the stars through difficulty.

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Kentucky State Capitol is located in Frankfort.French interior designs. The staircases, for example, are replicas of those of the Opéra Garnier in Paris.

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Louisiana State Capitol located in Baton Rouge. Leading up to the main entrance are a series of steps with the names of all of the United States in the order of each state's admittance to the Union. After the first 13 steps (symbolizing the original 13 states) there is a small platform. Behind this platform, the steps continue again with the rest of the 48 states. The 49th step lists both Alaska and Hawaii, which were admitted to the Union in 1959 after the Capitol was constructed.

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Maine State House in Augusta,The building was completed in 1832. The dome was surmounted by a statue of Minerva, the draped female figure of Wisdom.

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Maryland State House is located in Annapolis. A cornice is topped by another pediment and the sloping roof gives way for a central octagonal drum atop which rests a dome. The large dome is topped by a balustraded balcony, another octagonal drum and a lantern capped by a lightning rod. The rod was constructed and grounded according to the direct specifications of its inventor, Benjamin Franklin.

Massachusetts State House,located in Boston. The dome is topped with a pine cone, symbolizing both the importance of Boston's lumber industry during early colonial times. In front of the building is an equestrian statue of General Joseph Hooker. Other statues in front of the building include Daniel Webster, educator Horace Mann, and former US President John F. Kennedy. The statues of Anne Hutchinson and Mary Dyer are located on the lawns below the east and west wings.

Michigan State Capitol is located in Lansing.The Capitol Pediment, located above the main front entrance to the building,is entitled"The Rise and Progress of Michigan."It depicts a central figure, Michigan,dressed as a Native American.She offers a book and globe to the people of her state, promising a bright future.She is surrounded by symbols of Michigan's economy,including a plow, cornucopia,a laurel wreath to represent agriculture.Included are symbols representing shipping, mining,lumbering

Minnesota State Capitol is located in the capital city,Saint Paul.Above the southern entrance to the building is a gilded quadriga called The Progress of the State which was sculpted by Daniel Chester French,Edward Clark Potter. It was completed and raised to the roof of the capitol in 1906. The four horses represent the power of nature:earth,wind,fire,water.The women riding in the back of the chariot symbolize civilization while the man standing at the front of the chariot represents prosperity

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The Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson, Mississippi. An 8-foot-tall 15-foot-wide eagle soars above the dome, made of solid copper and gilded with gold leaf. One of the 53 replicas of the original Liberty Bell, as well as a statue erected in memory of the ladies, mothers, sisters, wives and daughters of the Confederate soldiers is located on the capitol grounds.