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Holidays are opportunities for friends and relatives to get together and celebrate life. Our lives have become so hectic and stressful that we spend way too little time with the people we love. This causes all sorts of health problems, both emotional and physical. Human beings need to realize that we function in a community and we need each other support. It is imperative that we use the holidays that we are given to spend time with our loved ones.

Stick out wall hearts for Valentine's day. Other shapes for other times? (Clovers for St. Patricks day? Pumpkins/Bats for Halloween?)

to make pom-poms, below middle, fold a 3-by-15-inch piece of vellum in half twice lengthwise. Cut slits every 1/8 inch, leaving inch at the top uncut. Unfold the paper, and attach a 1-inch piece of double-sided tape to one uncut corner; adhere to a bamboo skewer, and wrap the paper around several times. Once you reach the other end, use another piece of double-sided tape to secure. Curl the lower strips with the edge of a scissor blade, as you would a ribbon.

use a drill to make a polka dotted carved pumpkin

St Patricks Day table decor

brownies, pretzels, and a marshmallow. such a cute halloween party favor