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Benghazi & Cover Up

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Valerie Jarrett Named in Benghazi -- and Liberals Go Nuts Chip Jones at the Conservative Report has written an article saying that sources in the know have confirmed that Valerie Jarrett, not President Obama, gave an order to...

Military Archives - Godfather Politics

+Issa Breaks Down New Benghazi Subpoenas on Fox News - 08/02/13 - *** Rep. Issa is bound and determined to get to the bottom of this!!! Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, and whoever else is involved... the obstruction, things done illegally... we are going to find out!!! GOD BLESS YOU REP. ISSA!!!

You All Are Remembered Today Of Great Sadness. 9/11

BENGHAZI Getting uglier: Newly Released Benghazi Emails Lead Directly to White House

Newly Released Benghazi Emails Lead Directly to White House

OBAMANATION.. You won't believe what the LIBERAL media has done to CENSOR Obama's deadly foreign policy. If America knew the truth about Obama's disastrous foreign policy, they would be DEMANDING truth. Repin if you agree!

Families suspect SEAL Team 6 crash was inside job on worst day in Afghanistan: What actually happened to the SEALS on Extortion 17?

OBAMAWAR ON USA, PLOT THICKENS -- Benghazi investigator won't deny Stevens kidnap plot...'s photo: Apparently testimony by parents of the Benghazi victims isn't really important news to the major networks. The media has completely FAILED to hold this Administration responsible for it's Benghazi failures.