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Charm Bracelet Addiction

It all started with a Pandora bracelet, then along came Chamilia beads ...I can't stop building charm is my wishlist and some ideas

Chamilia BirthStone Jewels - May

Pandora 14K Trinity Spacer - love this - to me it represents the Holy Trinity

Pandora Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Charm- OK - I don't want a baseball charm...just puzzled about why Pandora would do Baseball over Football. I'll be waiting for a Green Bay Packers charm set!

Pandora Shimmering Heart Charm

#Pandora In My Heart Spacer in Pink CZ - it's about time we got a new gemstone spacer from Pandora!

Cute customized necklace charms with great reviews on Etsy! Valentines Day Jewelry, Personalized Jewelry, Heart Necklace, Sweetheart Necklace, Valentines Day Necklace, Hand Stamped Jewelry

my design for a new blue bracelet -Chamilia at #Chamilia

Pandora MOA - Bear My Heart Charm Limited Edition Mother's Day 2013, $75.00 (

Pandora MOA - Love Knot Amethyst Charm**RETIRED**, $90.00 ( Why haven't I noticed this one before...

Pandora MOA - My Sweetheart Gift Set, $125.00 (

Pandora MOA - Marry Me Gift Set, $380.00 ( I like this design

Pandora MOA - Trinity Spacer - 14K, $75.00 ( really cute in person - it's like three little rings intertwined all the way around. Great first communion gift or confirmation gift

Pandora MOA - Open Heart Spacer - 14K, $125.00 ( - lower price point but big impact if you want to add some gold.

Chamilia's Disney Ariel bead - it opens to a pearl inside

Pandora MOA - Globe Clip, $45.00 ( For the world traveler - I love how clips are starting to look more like beads.

Pandora MOA - Dark Green Pave Lights Charm, $65.00 ( Packer green!

Pandora MOA - Ocean Breeze Charm, $25.00 ( - this is an oversized charm - great value for the money - you can't tell from the website but it is much bigger than "open your heart" or "amazing"

Pandora MOA - Royal Romance Inspirational Bracelet ( - pretty "Pandorabracelet

Pandora MOA - Lady in Red Inspiration Bracelet (

Pandora MOA - Golden Elegance Inspirational Bracelets ( - what you buy if you strike it rich! "Pandorabracelet

Pandora MOA - Coracao de Negro Wood Charm, $35.00 ( - Really cool on a brown leather bracelet

Pandora MOA - White Pearl Dangle Pendant, $40.00 ( - another pendant that works well on bracelets

Pandora MOA - Pixie Charm, $65.00 ( OK so they are calling her a Pixie - to me she looks like an angel - much more sophisticated than their other angel.

Pandora MOA - Cultured Elegance Pendant, $30.00 ( This pendant is the same size as a dangle bead. They are really cute on bracelets and take up hardly any space. I want 3!