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Utility Matters Improve the efficiency of a utility closet by adding shallow compartments to the back of the door. With all of your cleaning supplies conveniently located in one place, everyday and emergency cleanups are quick affairs. Attach hooks to the back of the closet to support rags and a dustpan. And organize those plastic bags once and for all with a bag dispenser installed inside the cabinet.

Build a Coffee Table Create a coffee table from two retired kitchen cabinets. Place the cabinets side by side, screw together, and paint white. Cut a piece of medium-density fiberboard (MDF) to fit on top of the cabinets. Paint and coat the piece in polyurethane, then attach to the top of the cabinets. For the base, cut the click to read the rest

Glue random small items together, spray paint all one color and attach to mirror. Perfect dollar store project, and would look cool in a bright colour for kids using dinosaurs or other small toys.

Inspiration - Recycled lockers, painted and with doors removed to work as a bookshelf.

Anthropologie TV Stand - Dreamy!!!

Anne Turner Carroll has the way of mixing traditional furnishings and modern art that makes me want to have her babies. Is that awkward? Yes.

Apache Rainbow Feather Duvet Cover

Spruce up your room with a new circular shelf made out of an old basket!