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The Alligator shirt - before the days of Ralph and his polo pony...

Shirt | Fashion Urbia

Oh my god! I had totally forgotten this. Remember when car doors had ashtrays? Yep,most every car had door ashtrays. (Rear Door [Ashtray Door Open] by BigBlackLincoln, via Flickr)

"Hey! Pass that Geritol!"

Geritol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Game of Jaws {Ideal 1975}

Highlights Magazine 1972 by TheVintagePineapple on Etsy I used to get this :-)

Pink-n-Ink eraser. The blue side would tear a hole in the page if you weren't careful

Pink-N-Ink Eraser, 24 per box

Good old rotary phone - with a really long cord so you could walk around the house and talk at the same time

doe-c-doe: thrifting mission: accomplished!

Remember when this little mug was enough soda? Your parents got the big mug!

Vintage A W Root Beer Heavy Glass Mugs Mini Large Mug | eBay

Vintage Thermos retro design black and red by Abisfinds on Etsy, $14.00