Some of my favorite things that Korea has to offer. Hopefully more people will come visit this wonderful country!

Did you know you can fly from Seoul to Taipei on a HELLO KITTY jet?! Haha! Awesome!

Flying EVA Air With Hello Kitty

Miyuk Guk (Seaweed Soup) ramblings!

Behgopa!: Miyuk Guk (Seaweed Soup) ramblings!

Beautiful Places to Visit in Korea

Korean Bapsang

Korean Bapsang - a Korean mom's home cooking

Skylines of Korea, beautiful.! ^^

Korean Food Recipe: Gaji Hobak Muchim (Grilled Eggplant and Zucchini with Korean Seasoning)

Cherry blossoms, in Korea

It breaks my heart. I pray for more survivors and for those who lost their loved ones. So sad!

Nami Island, the small half-moon-shaped island in Chuncheon, a must-visit tourist destination in South Korea. Gorgeous!

Couples holidays

Noryangjin Fish Market, Seoul, Korea | by Belle Nachmann, via Flickr The first time Dan and I are live octopus... Oh the memories!

B-boy culture is exploding in Seoul and Korean performers are some of the best in the world. Artists like the one here express the b-boy lifestyle through graffiti art at this year's R-16 World B-Boy Masters Championship held at Olympic Park.

Korean Hanbok. Adorable Korean child!

korean traditional image search results

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