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Math Doodling

Making abstract math visual: Math doodles let us see and experiment with a wide range of mathematical structures -- and even to feel them, if we include hands-on 3D doodles in clay or other media.

Teaching Math with Art: "My job is to let students experience a great deal of mathematics, much of which is familiar, but examined in a more abstract and generalized approach..."

Teaching Mathematics with Art

Fibonacci spiral

Fibonacci Spiral Art by Grwobert on deviantART

The Geometric Food Art of Sakir Gökçebag can inspire your kids to play with their food - mathematically! Check out integration of curves and shapes out of lines and dots. Explore more tasty math at www.moebiusnoodle...

The Geometric Food Art of Sakir Gökçebag

World's hardest easy geometry problem: When you're doodling with math, one idea leads to another. You don't have to solve the problem in order to enjoy the exploration!

seek echo: World's hardest easy geometry problem

Art Projects for Kids: CDs and Brush Sharpie Markers

Art Projects for Kids: CDs and Brush Sharpie Markers

One of the newest additions to Artful Kids is the Kaleidograph. The best toys inspire creativity in their users, and this one was no exception, so having had lots of fun exploring it’s intended use as a pattern making toy, we were then inspired to experiment with other creative ways of using it, beyond those it is intended for.

Creative Activities with the Kaleidograph : Artful Adventures

TAB-ChoiceArtEd: View Photo: Collage Set Up

How to draw a celtic knot.Step by step directions (including illustrations) on creating a Celtic knot design.

Tessellations in Year 4: Doodling with shapes.

pinkmathematics: Tessellations in Year 4

Can you visualize & mentally manipulate shapes? Make up some dissection puzzles of your own.

Moorish pattern - geometry progression

Math in Art Festival: Lots of great ideas here!

Parallel & Perpendicular Art: "When I noticed that quite a few of my students were confused by the terms "parallel" and "perpendicular," I decided it was time for an end-of-year art activity..."

love2learn2day: Parallel & Perpendicular Art

A Fibonacci triangle - GIF animation

seek echo: A Fibonacci triangle

Make Isometric designs with pattern blocks

Math in the World: Here you can see that the entire continent of Africa is one giant Fibonacci spiral.

Ear Elephant: Fibonacci Spiral In Human Settlement Patterns

d46538f004acf3b58a3a3c4c7200e74c.jpg (500×636) shapes of #vision

Majestic Vision (majesticvision)

Check Out The Alphabet, Redrawn By Spinning Letters Into 3-D | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

Check Out The Alphabet, Redrawn By Spinning Letters Into 3-D

Get you best paper, cut a circle and fold it so that the circumference falls on a fixed point inside. Repeat, using random folds. Now see th...

Circles to equilateral triangle grid, to repeating pattern discovery

Truchet, Truchet, Truchet! This beautiful pattern is made out of Truchet tiles, deceptively simple square pieces that can fit together to make patterns with enormous complexity. There’s really just one Truchet tile– the square with a triangular half of it colored it...

Truchet, Truchet, Truchet!

Drawing in Grid Paint is something like pixel art, but in pixel art you have only square pixels. Here you have also triangular or hexagonal pixels. Moreover, every pixel may be flat or have concave or convex shape like diamond or jewel, which allow you to create peculiar images.

Impossible world: Contents

"Basically, I just taped down some brown contractor’s paper to fit the footprint of the igloo (trimming off the excess). Then I set the tape holder with all the colored masking tape in the middle of the igloo with a pair of scissors and waited for the kids to notice..."