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Math Teaching Tips & Resources

A variety of math teaching ideas for homeschool families or classroom teachers. Learning mathematics is more than just answer-getting: help your students make conceptual connections.

"He told us that although all the lessons he showed us came from the student textbook, the textbook stays closed during instruction. This allows the students to construct their own learning, rather than being constrained by the textbook method..."

Math Coach's Corner: What is Singapore Math?

How to Count: A Guide for Grownups

How to Count: A Guide for Grownups

Positive ways of thinking... Changing mindsets

Homeschoolers, let's play with math! Free download w/ ideas you can use today: Sample Chapter from my math book.

Sample Chapter from Let's Play Math Book

Why we love Edward Zaccaro more than Khan Academy: I think it’s simply that the problems are so interesting and varied. On any single page there are a delightfully wide range of different maths topics.

Why we love Edward Zaccaro more than Khan Academy

PUFM 1.5 Multiplication, Part 2: "Multiplication is taught and explained using three models. Again, it is important for understanding that students see all three models early..."

PUFM 1.5 Multiplication, Part 2

PUFM 1.5 Multiplication, Part 1: "This week’s topic inevitably draws us into a simmering Internet controversy. Thinking my way through such disputes helps me to grow as a tea..."

PUFM 1.5 Multiplication, Part 1

Math DIY Tip: All you need is packaging material like the spongy polymer type as seen above, a craft knife, and a steady hand.

I've seen similar charts before, but this one is particularly well done with the variety of models.

Two simple phrases making a tremendous difference in an algebra classroom. Zero out! And divide out!

Use a review game to teach exponent rules before actually teaching the rules. This way they're engaged in figuring out the rules to win the game. Nathan played Grudge. Other individual (instead of team games) would probably work too.

Out Rockin' Constantly: I Shall Never Play a Review Game Again!

Free Printable Paper: 1,303 papers you can download and print for free. We've got graph paper, lined paper, financial paper, music paper, and more.

Printable Paper

For my perfectionist daughter, one mistake was excuse enough to quit. She leaned her head against me as we sat together on the couch and said, “We’re done. Done, done, done.” Still, I managed to squeeze in one more puzzle...

More Than One Way to Solve It

The students glued them on the left side of their notebooks, answered the questions, and justified their answers. Writing in math is such a huge focus for us, and they need all the practice they can get.

Task Card Corner: Using Task Cards in Interactive Notebooks

So often we jump right to symbols and numbers without giving them proper background knowledge needed. This is truly a disservice to kids.

fractions with FOOD: hands-on math - teach mama

I cannot tell you how important it is to build squares especially after working with teen agers in geometry, trig and pre-calc. So many problems could be avoided if they had some experience with squares. Here we learned about the square root symbol and what it means...make a square and count one side.

Instead of "I don't get it" poster for math/science classroom. Printable at up to 24" by 36".

How can we teach our students to solve complex, multi-step story problems? All Singapore math bar model diagrams descend from one very basic diagram showing the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction. The whole is the sum of its parts...

Solving Complex Story Problems

Graphing Stories. This is an EXCELLENT way to have students graphing linear and non linear functions in a real world context.

Graphing Stories - 15 seconds at a time

How to Solve Math Problems: What can you do when you are stumped? Too many students sit and stare at the page, waiting for inspiration to strike — and when the solution doesn’t crack their heads open and step out, fully formed, they complain: “Math is too hard!”...

How to Solve Math Problems

.The best thing about all of these projects is that they will get math kids thinking about art and art kids thinking about math!

12+ Math Art Projects for Kids - What Do We Do All Day?

Building concept maps is harder than it looks. Students are really digesting their learning, talking about it, debating how to represent it, and clarifying areas of confusion for themselves...

What questions mean in maths exams