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Playful Math for Preschool & Early Elementary

As our children (and their parents!) play around with mathematical ideas and the relationships between them, we develop deep understanding that is strong enough to support future learning.

Towers Up! Whatever number you get is how many blocks you take away. So - say you roll a 3 and a 5. You can take away a tower with 5 blocks and another one with 3 blocks. OR you can take away two towers that are 4 blocks high...

be the thread: towers up!

Shape Logic Math Game for Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade Homeschoolers

123 Homeschool 4 Me: Simple, Hands on Logic Math for 2nd Graders

A fun game to play with our developing mathematicians...

Composing Music with Math Activity for Kids: "I chose to aim this activity at Gresham’s math level (finished 2nd grade, starting 3rd grade in the fall), and so I used the numbers 5, 10, and 15. He and Aidan wrote songs that added up to 100 and 200. I had Owen (age 5) just draw the notes without worrying about the addition part of the activity..."

Composing Music with Math Activity for Kids - Frugal Fun For Boys

4 sums in a row: quick & easy math game "It’s a game that is great to shove in your purse or pool bag for times when you’re in waiting rooms, on the sidelines, or at restaurants..."

4 sums in a row: quick & easy math game - teach mama

Four Super Simple Counting Games (

Four Super Simple Counting Games

Domino sorting game


How To Build Your Own Backyard Playground: None of these things are expensive and that's how a child's play space should be. If there is any great truth about an outdoor classroom is that it should be continually evolving and adapting, a hodge podge of old and new and everything in between....

Teacher Tom: How To Build Your Own Backyard Playground

Tell Me a (Math) Story: "My favorite playful math lessons rely on adult/child conversation — a proven method for increasing a child’s reasoning skills. What better w..."

Tell Me a (Math) Story

Recommendation: Change color by 5's (5 white, 5 black, repeat) to help build mental math strategies, make number relationships (like 8=5+3) easily visible. If the shoestring is long enough, tie one end into a loop for easy carrying or hanging.

Dynamic Dual Kinders: Individual Counting Ropes! Easy and Fun!

Maze Game: Land or Water? The children take turns making a maze and setting a dinosaur inside. Then the other dinosaurs (parents or siblings) try to guess whether the...

Maze Game: Land or Water?

The kids loved going around the living room using their clothespin to gather sheep. This was great for strengthening those fine motor skills needed for writing.

This is a math activity with gross motor, and some writing on a vertical surface which is great for beginning writers because it forces the correct wrist position and strengthens the correct muscles in the hand and arm.

Preschool Math Games with Loose Parts - I wasn’t trying to teach any particular mathematical concept. R led the play and therefore learned what was of interest to him (which turned out to be sequencing and addition).

Preschool Math Games with Loose Parts - One Perfect Day

DIY Dominoes Bath Game for Kids -- cheap, simple, and fun! Great for practicing counting and matching numbers!

DIY Dominoes Bath Game for Kids - Parent Teach Play

Montessori Maths Trays | Racheous - Lovable Learning

Montessori Maths Trays - Racheous - Lovable Learning

Game: Tens Concentration. On your turn, you may flip two cards face up. If one of the cards is a 10, you may take it at once and flip another card face up. If the pai...

Game: Tens Concentration

Instead of 100 board cut-outs, try these number puzzles. And then try other patterns: counting up or down by different amounts. Arrange the blocks and then turn some upside down to make a puzzle. Have kids make puzzles for you to solve.

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: Number Puzzles in the Bag!

Thinking back to all the questions our daughter was asking about money when she was younger, I am convinced that every kid wants to understand what money is and how it works. Unfortunately, credit and debit cards are not helping matters – many people, ourselves included, barely use cash any longer...

Teach Your Preschooler About Money

Number Line Jumping: I like the paper plates---easy to move or change. Do bigger intervals, count by multiples, do fractions, negative numbers...

Our Fun Homeschool: Number Line Jumping

Mastering Miquon: Top Ten Tips. Think of the worksheets as math lab experiments. You are trying out the ideas with your child to see what happens. They aren’t like quiz she...

Mastering Miquon: Top Ten Tips

Penguin Math: Elementary Problem Solving 2nd Grade. "The ability to solve word problems ranks high on any math teacher’s list of goals. How can I teach my students to reason their way through m..."

Penguin Math: Elementary Problem Solving 2nd Grade

Weaving the Three Times Table: "Now it was just a question of threading blue strips in to make the same pattern, over two numbers not circled and under the circled multiples of three. The class really concentrated and got some great results!"

pinkmathematics: Weaving the Three Times Table