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Throughout much of history a round, volumptuous woman was sexy, wealthy, desired. I prefer to live in those days.

A very dear friend of mine made this of my "higher self" so I would know to feel like a beautiful large woman. I purposely made a shadow of myself in the glass for you.

I’m Fat and It’s Okay ~~~ Over the years of my personal journey to body acceptance, I have started using the word “fat” to describe myself. By doing this, I am actively attempting to take back the adjective from its over-stigmatized meaning (i.e. ugly, lazy, slovenly, unhygienic, etc). “Fat” is not a bad word. Fat is just fat. It’s an adjective that accurately describes my body type, it’s a noun that identifies the substance I carry on my bones. << Brittany from LA Caberet blog

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." ~e.e. cummings~ For some of us self-acceptance doesn't happen overnight. We've held on so long to the idea that we can be something we are not, that it is very difficult to just let ourselves relax and be who we were meant to be. That does not mean we are not wonderful and amazing in our own right, but we have stopped chasing someone else's elusive idea of what we should be.

At any weight, size and shape...when we allow ourselves to embrace the Goddess within...we become one.

gorgeous photo of a real woman