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Rocks and Minerals

Cobaltoan Calcite Miniature Agoudal Mine Bou Azzer, Morocco, Africa 4.7 x 3.5 x 1.7 cm This specimen consists of electric pink colored crystals of calcite colored by cobalt. This is as good as the color can get for this material. Mineral Shows - Mineral Specimens, News & Reports

(16) Tumblr - Aquamarine with cleavelandite and muscovite; Pakistan

Golden Pyrite Fools Gold Crystal Cluster Peru by FenderMinerals

Citrine, Quartz, and Tourmaline. Brazil

Quartz var. Amethyst Las Vigas, Vera Cruz, Mexico

AQUAMARINE on QUARTZ Shigar Valley, Skardu District, Baltistan, Northern Areas, Pakistan.

Tourmaline - Haramosh Mts, Pakistan

Rocks and minerals

Collecting Rocks and Minerals (I friggin' LOVE this one!!!!)

Lustrous blue Apatite from Brazil

Vanadinite with Siderite EV10Y1: A novelty at St. Marie 2013. Fine isolated divergent groups of tabular Vanadinite crystals, with a very intense color & luster & spread over an unusual matrix of rhombohedral Siderite. Taouz Morocco (2013) Specimen size: 4.6 × 2.8 × 3.2 cm = 1.8” × 1.1” × 1.3”

Quartz, pyrite