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Abandoned House in Chilhowie, VA Such a unique design!

Abandoned house in New Orleans. There used to be stables behind this ...

Winter of Decay; William Hyman House, c.1848. There is an older one room house connected to the other side. Martin County, NC.

abandoned country church

abandoned country church

Creepy Place ....Bokor Mountain in Cambodia. An abandoned French resort town in southern Cambodia now only accessible by hiking up the mountain face.

Abandoned. Why do people abandon such beautiful things. I would kill to live in that house

Lonely Victorian in Sparta, GA.

Maryland´s Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital, between 1895 and 1960. A series of disappearances and unfortunate accidents are associated with the the buliding. today Collingwood is empty and abandoned, with most locals scared to enter the 80 acre facility.

Beautiful abandoned house on the Kerry way (walking route) between Sneem and Kenmare

"There's still life there..." by LeiraEnkai on deviantART

Abandoned House at 703 Hall St., Kansas City, KS

Abandoned House Woodbridge, CT Imagine it as a singe family home, and coffee on the second floor porch in the morning.

Abandoned House Woodbridge, CT by Tokobauzsos on deviantART

Abandoned building - nature taking over.