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Buildings - Ruins/Abandoned

Abandoned Tower Bridge, London

A famous spot in France, St Etienne abandoned church #monogramsvacation

Northampton County, North Carolina abandoned plantation

If long corridors, grand staircases and ornate tiling are your thing, the abandoned Bokor Palace Hotel & Casino might speak to you. Located in an abandoned French resort town in southern Cambodia called Bokor Hill Station, the hotel has been disused for decades.

Chateau Notenboom II This beautifull mansion was the home for a german couple who fled Germany during the war. They lived in peace in Belgium and after the war they returned to their home in Germany and left this mansion behind. Since then nature is slowly claiming it back.

There are times in our lives where we all feel that we are in prison. However ..Truth will set you free, and if free... you will be free indeed

Battleship island in Japan. The entire island housed 3x what it should have, and managed it by putting them in obscenely crowded apartments like this. Now, the entire island is abandoned, and is restricted to the public. These derelict sky-scraping ghettos fall without an ear to hear them.

Bannerman's Castle, on Pollepel Island in the middle of the Hudson River. If you're taking the train down to NYC, you can see it from the tracks.

Abandoned train station in Gary, Indiana

Beautiful Old Abandoned Train Station on the old 'Cornhill Line'. This stretch of single track in Northumberland, England ran 35.5 miles connecting the farming communities to the town of Alnwick, England

General store

Caretta, West Virginia. Coal mining ruins.

Coal mine camp schoolhouse in West Virginia.

Abandoned house...Oh what you could do with this...

Abandoned Tesla Towers in Russia - Dark Roasted Blend

Abandoned Village in Russia

strange abandoned place in Russia

Abandoned...if walls could talk!

Abandoned Click On This Then Click The Left Hand Arrows To See Pictures Of The Inside. Such A Waste.

The abandoned Salem Mansion, Thessaloniki, Greece, built in 1878.