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Music Education Resources

Follow the links on this board for resources supporting global and development education through Music.

Amnesty's new lesson pack and assembly for 11-16 year olds on protest songs, human rights and the lyrics of social change:

Wing Wah Lawa & Wai Chung Ho (2009) Globalization, values education, and school music education in China. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 41 (4), 501-520

Palmberg, M (2002) Playing with Identities in Contemporary Music in Africa Uppsala: Nordic Africa Institute.

Power, A. and Horsley, M. (2010) Pathways from global education understandings to teaching music. British Journal of Music Education, 27: 141-150.

Land, R. & D. O. Stovall (2009) Hip Hop and Social Justice Education: A Brief Introduction. Equity & Excellence in Education, Volume 42, Issue 1.

Allum, L. and Garnett, J. (2011) Global Citizenship, Enterprise Pedagogy and Music Education.

The Understanding Slavery Initiative

  • Development Education Research Centre

    Information and resources on the transatlantic slave trade including an ‘Understanding Slavery rap’ by Soweto Kinch. Could be used to explore the background to the Blues.

TES Connect

Smithsonian Folkways

Social Justice Top 40

Great Protest Songs

Playing for Change

  • Development Education Research Centre

    A foundation with a mission to connect the world through music and to ensure that anyone with the desire to receive a music education would have the opportunity to do so. There are a number of videos of music-making across countries that can be shown in class.

Oxfam - Music Resources 14-16

Oxfam - Music Education 11-14

Music for Change

Hip Hop & Education

Global Dimension - Olympic National Anthems

Global Classroom

Resources For Educators


Christian Aid - Music Resources

Cambridgeshire County Council (CAS)