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Cute Dachshunds

"Ya dig?"

Super Weenie Hideout Cave

"A whole new wooooorld"

About Baker - Derry Henrick

Who wore it best? Piebald Dapple Doxie vs. Aussie Shepherd

"You're MINE!!!!!!!"

"Beach puppy, beach puppy, jump through the sand......"

Cyoot Puppeh ob teh Day: Beach Runs is teh Bestest Runs
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Dacshund Real Estate Agent: Will find you good home with awesome backyard and low counters in kitchen for easy access to stealing food

Crusoe the Active Adventurer!
  • Barbara Allyn

    Could be my granddog, Weezy. HE does have computer skills.

  • Cathy Nestor

    My mini lays across the laptop do I have to stop typing and give her a hug!

  • Leonie Dupras

    these are such cute pics

  • Chris Collier Wilkinson

    We have 2 minis-long haired dapple and short haired blueberry and a those long doggies! I love your board!

  • Gayla Templeton

    Low counters not needed for my daughter's doxies. They can jump onto the counter w/o breaking a sweat. My grand daugher is a 6th generation doxie owner.

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"Um yeah I have a question...."

Friday=DJ dachshund time