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Obummer " Presidential King of Idiocy!"

sucking the life out of America

I wonder why the arabs wont give the palestinians a little land?...(sarcastic) Please Pass this on to the liberals and their puppet media and this admin who are controlling them! GOD'S CHOSEN PEOPLE are under attack and they are fighting back with God on THEIR SIDE so BEWARE to those who try to harm them!!!

Michael Ramirez Cartoon 09/11/2014 - Daily Briefing

Michael Ramirez Political Cartoons 09/11/2014

Michael Ramirez Cartoon 09/11/2014 - Polls

Michael Ramirez Political Cartoons 09/11/2014

Greg Gutfeld on Obama Prioritizing Evil

The District of Calamity: Greg Gutfeld on Prioritizing Evil

All eyes are on Barack Obama as the situation in Ukraine intensifies. And for some reason, Jimmy Carter’s name keeps coming up. Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday, Lo...

Friday Fun: A Roundup Of This Week’s Political Cartoons

Utopian Reality Check

#BB4SP: Utopian Reality Check

hell in a hand basket

obama lies once again about strategy on broadcast by JC 9-11-14 Of course he gave up entire GAME PLAN of what U.S. troops are about to do. its call the 'obama way'

9-7-14 obama apologizes for going golfing then he goes golfing